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UMBRELLA Labs is a USA-based supplier of Supplements like Nootropics for academic and R&D use

Academic research of orally-bioavailable, nootropics has exploded in recent years, spurred by hundreds of promising preclinical and clinical studies that seek to address a wide variety of age-associated health conditions. Unfortunately, the pace and depth of this research is severely limited by the exorbitant prices charged by large chemical companies who have long enjoyed a virtual monopoly on the research market. Umbrella Supplements seeks to increase and improve biochemical and molecular biology exploration by lowering research costs, thus removing the barrier for small laboratories to enter into the research space.


Although many nootropics are widely available online due to their status as health supplements—as opposed to Investigational New Drugs (INDs)—their commercial availability is actually a hindrance to quality, since most manufactures exist outside the regulatory framework that ensures real QA/QC. Having a GMP seal on a product does not certify batch-specific quality that is necessary for molecular biology-grade research chemicals. Umbrella Supplements rigorously tests each batch of our nootropics using our QA/QC pipeline, which far exceeds industry norms.

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